We are a full service pet grooming salon and boutique in Beaconsfields, West Island of Montreal and we love animals. We know the importance of your family pet and we commit to making him or her feel safe and comfortable while in our care.

We use all natural, bio-degradable shampoos because they are safe for pets and the environment. Being a professional groomer, I understand the particular grooming needs for every different breed.

Part of our grooming service is to check the condition of your pet's skin, coat, eyes, ears and teeth, and we can alert you to symptoms of common medical problems so you can consult with your vet early on. We also provide special treatments should you dog or cat have fleas or ticks. Regular grooming keeps your pet healthy and looking great!

* If your pet is badly matted please make your pet an appointment with the groomer as soon as possible. These matts tighten to the point that they can pinch the skin. Skin also need oxygen. Matts can also cause sores!

Scissor Work is our speciality!